DAQ – DarylAutism Questionnaire

Question 1: Is it hard to understand what your child wants?

For example, they make sounds but not words. Or, they get frustrated and pull you to objects that they want.

Question 2: Does your child have difficulty looking you in the eye?

For example, is it hard to get them to look directly at you. Or, they usually look away when talking to you.

Question 3: Is it rare for your child to smile and laugh with you?

For example, they seem to smile or laugh while playing with toys but not while looking at you.

Question 4: Is it hard to get your child to respond when you call their name?

For example, you have to get close to them and near their face to get their attention.

Question 5: Does your child point at things they want you to notice?


Question 6: Does your child usually just talk about their own special interests?


Question 7: Does your child do make-believe play or pretending with their toys?

For example, they will pretend to feed a doll or stuffed animal, or they will pretend to stir and pour a cup of coffee for you. Answer ‘No’ if your child’s play is mostly stacking things or lining things up rather than pretending.

Question 8: Does your child have a hard time playing with other children?

For example, they mostly play alongside others rather than joining in a game or pretending with others. Or, they get frustrated easily when others try to join their play.

Question 9: Is your child interested in objects which do not usually hold a child's attention?

For example, they focus on odd things like electrical cords, remote controls, or drain pipes.

Question 10: Does your child get upset if you do not do things the same way every day?

For example, they insist you use the same route to school or to a shop. They need to use the same plate for cup for their food and drink.

Question 11: Does your child have unusual hand, finger, or body movements?

For example, they flick their fingers in front of their eyes. They flap their arms when excited. They spin or jump when excited.

Question 12: Is your child overly sensitive to certain sounds, textures, smells? Or do they have certain sights, smells, or textures that they seek out?


Question 13: How old is your child ? *

* All above entries are mandatory for the Result. This information is being gathered so that its government can be petitioned for families to have access to free and timely autism services.
Thank you for completing the DAQ.
IMPORTANT: The information provided is for educational purposes only and does not imply endorsement of an autism diagnosis or any other medical diagnosis. It is important to talk with your child's doctor or other healthcare provider to learn more and determine whether an in-person evaluation is needed. 
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# Information on the questionnaire gathered by DarylAutism is used solely to help parents identify early autism or developmental delays in their children; no personal information is requested. DarylAutism does not guarantee the security of any data a user may share by writing to us on our website.

January 17, 2001 – November 23, 2006

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